12 Best Entertainment Gift Cards India- Music, Movies, Games

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Entertainment or recreation in any form is one of the prime needs of our life. there are several ways to please ourselves on our own via entertainment websites.

“We Aren’t in an information age, We are in an entertainment age”

In the case of most of us, we cannot spend our day thinking about our favourite characters from our favourite TV series, or listening to our favourite Music. Watching News, Movies, playing Games, listening to Music have now become a part of our everyday life.

India is one of the largest destinations for the Entertainment industry of which major labels such as T-series, Bollywood are a part of. There are a lot of entertainment websites or recreational centers all around us. Most of these require paid use. 

On the other hand, in the internet age, it can be convenient to hand over someone a gift card even if they are living far away. A gift card is a simple way to send a gift in the particular service that is promised to be offered. This list is a collection of some of the most popular gift cards in the field of entertainment.

12 Best Entertainment Gift Cards

1. Times Prime Membership

Times Prime Membership Gift card tops our list. This is because it gives access to a variety of different subscriptions not only those such as ones to Zee5, Gaana.com but it also includes discount vouchers for BigBasket and Fitpass and many more for a really reasonable price. 

2. Hotstar Subscription Gift Card

Hotstar is one of the most popular Video Streaming Platforms in India with over 300 Million users in 2019 and counting. Hotstar has emerged as a giant and has a library of the most famous and beloved TV shows. It also includes a membership for Disney plus, so this can also make an ideal gift idea for young children.

3. Play Store Gift Card

Google Play Store gift card can be handy for a variety of different purposes. It is specially the best gift card idea for a Gamer in India. A Google Play Store gift card can be used for a variety of in-app or in-game add-ons or purchases and therefore, it makes a lot of sense to be gifted to a gamer.

4. Book My Show Gift Card

This is a way to buy them tickets for their next movies from your side even if you can’t make it with them. Book My Show is India’s one of the best websites to book movie tickets to any nearby theater. 

5. Gaana.com Gift Card

Gaana.com is a trusted and one of the leaing Music Streaming Services of India. A Gift Card in Gaana.com is a great way to boost someone’s love for music. The app has a variety of premium features which will be highly appreciated by a music lover.

6. Jio Saavn Gift Card

While one may prefer to use Gaana.com, many usere prever Saavn over Gaana. This depends upon the user’s choice as both have equally great benefits in their premium versions. You can try asking which of these they’d prefer to use. 

7. Amazon Audible Subscription

Audible by Amazon is a new way of reading Books by narration. It is great for an avid reader who can do multiple jobs and boost their knowledge along by plugging in their headphones and a narrated audio of the text of the book is played along. Audible has a collection of numerous books in a lot of different topics such as Arts, Business, Personal Development, etc.

9. PVR Cinemas Gift Card

PVR Cinemas is an Exclusive theater chain all across Indian cities. PVR cinemas is also one of the best theaters with a wide range of facilities.

10. Hungama Subscription

Last on this list, we have another popular Music streaming service. Hungama is one of the pioneers of the Music Streaming Apps in India and has a wide variety of plans to choose from.

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