10 tips to celebrate a Kid’s birthday during a lockdown

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The Corona Virus, the lockdowns and all the crisis was so unpredictable. Nobody saw that coming. We are all in this together and we all know this, for everyone is working together to get over this. Only for the fact that kids will not get it.

One of the favourites of children is their birthday for which they start to prepare months prior to the day. All their thoughts of a grand party with their friends, and loads of gifts which they will not even  be able to carry, all this has faded away. So you’ll have a tough time explaining your kids who will, of course be taken aback by this fact that they won’t be able to have their friends come over on their day that comes just once a year. Fortunately, we are here with some guides to get through this which have been observed and experimented.

10 tips to celebrate Kids' Birthday during a Lockdown

1- Assure them that the celebration is postponed

Kids will have a tough time realizing that they cannot celebrate their birthday. You need to make them believe and assure them that  it has been postponed for just a while and that their birthday will be celebrated later on. You do need to keep your word while saying this.

Try to say things like their friends said they won’t be able to come, or that the shops have been closed. “If you will cooperate and not make any mistakes only then can we celebrate your birthday”.

2- Make a Cake

Of course, this is necessary on any birthday. To make your child happy when all else fails, you must bake a cake. Make a delicious, beautiful cake and try to make something new. You can try making refrigerated cakes, lava cakes or biscuit cakes, they are easy to make and may not require many ingredients, depending on the recipe in case your region is going through a complete lockdown. 

3- DO NOT scold them

Your child is already upset about their birthday and on this day, you need to be extra patient with them. The worst thing for a child is being scolded by their parents. You can do your best by being really patient with them. Try not to scold them for something that they broke or misplaced.

4- Buy Chocolates

Another great way is to make or buy chocolates. If you’re lucky enough that your region is not observing a complete lockdown, make sure to buy your child their favourite chocolates as this can be the only gift you can give them at this point of time. So keep it as much of a surprise as possible, and do not forget the quarantine rules. It is recommended to give a hamper of a lot of assorted chocolates. You can also order chocolates online from Amazon. You may be able to get a few chocolates.

5- Watch Movies

Plug in your home theater system, draw the curtains and make your room look as much like a theater as possible. Let your child watch the kind of movies they’d be wishing for. Make some popcorn, sit down with snacks and biscuits and give your child the best experience ever.

6- Play Video games

This is the best way to make your child’s day- by playing multiplayer games along with them. Kids will usually play video games alone but you can download some great multiplayer games or some can be played online. On the other side, this also helps to strengthen your relationship with your child. Most games are really easy to play. There are a lot of racing, fighting and arcade games on the web you can surf for. You can also play your child’s favourite game turn by turn, whichever makes them happy. 

7- Make a Mini water park

If you’ve got a swimming pool in your house or if you have any inflatable mini pool or a big tub, you can convert that into a small space for children to enjoy. Children would love to splash water all day long. You can also give them access to more time in the shower.

8- Prepare their favourite dish

This is certainly a great thing to do on the birthday of any age group( and perhaps this is even followed). It’s general that on their birthday, a child will demand for a good lunch and perhaps, it is your own initiative. We do not need to dive into much of a detail regarding this point.

9- Let them do what they like

Sit down with your child and ask them what they really want to do on their birthday except for breaking the quarantine rules. Let them decide what they would do all day and everything they’d want. Try to list out things that are possible and explain what will be done later on. As mentioned earlier, assure them that whatever includes breaking the quarantine rules WILL be done later on.  

10- Connect with their friends via Face Time or video call

Perhaps, the thing for which your child is taken aback is that they cannot join their friends. You can help them by connecting their friends via a conference Video Call/Face Time chat. Collect their friends’ names and contact their parents for the same. It can be really helpful in making the day of your child.

End of List


Here’s a quick recap of all the tips we have mentioned:

  1. Assure that the celebration is postponed
  2. Make a Cake
  3. DO NOT scold them
  4. Buy Chocolates
  5. Watch Movies
  6. Video games
  7. Make a Mini amusement park
  8. Prepare their favourite dish
  9. Let them do what they like
  10. Connect with their friends via Face Time or Video Conference

Did we miss out on any important tip? Let us know down in the comments.

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