17 Gift Ideas for Rap music lovers and producers

Find the Best gift IDEAS for a Rap Music lover with over 50 products to browse to make their day special with something they’ll always remember you for. Products for India also available!

The previous decade has observed the rise of a new trend in music. This is a new form of music called Rap music. It is basically a mix of Beats with slow or Fast lyrics. This type of music has gained so much popularity because of it’s power to drown you deep in emotions. 

The probable reason for you being here is that you’ve got an annoying friend who is a huge fan of Rap Music and can talk about it all day. Although it may be a difficult task to find the perfect gift especially when you have no knowledge about this, but no need to worry if you’re confused in looking for something to buy for their birthday or any other occasion which is special for them. Keep reading as we’ve discussed some of the coolest gift ideas which thy will never pass on and will always remember you for the same. Gifting someone is one of the best ways to make someone feel special and gifting something special that remains dear to them is even more valuable.

17 Gift Ideas for Rap lovers/fans


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Jewellery has a major role in Rap music for most of the rap songs are based on showing off power and money. Chains in particular are always used by Rap artists all over. Likewise, your Rap buddy will certainly love a chain that you’d gift them. It’s even more interesting if you gift them a chain with a branding of their own name if they are into making music and tracks of their own. Or perhaps, even if they have one, they will love to have another one in their collection.



Rap Music Coffee mugs

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For someone obsessed with Rap Music, an artist printed on a coffee mug is another brilliant gift idea. They will definitely love to enjoy a sip of coffee every morning in their hobby printed mug.

Check out some cool coffee mugs down below. You can also gift a personalized coffee mug with a custom picture printed.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs(India)

Graffitti Cushion Cover

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A printed pillow with a popular rapper or a rap quote printed cover is another gift idea someone obsessed with Rap music would love to have in their bedroom and use it daily. This for sure will not only make their day but also make a good night for them.

You can check out our list of products or get a personalized pillow.

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Pillow Covers(IN)

Rapper Quote t-shirts

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A printed t-shirt is another cool idea for someone obsessed with Rappers. This will ultimately be their favourite t-shirt and you will create a long-lasting impression in their heart. They can make more friends who are interested in Rapping easily. However, you need to keep in mind that this gift is suitable for someone only if they are “die-hard” fans of Rappers and Rap music as some people would rather not prefer to be differenciated and noticed.

Ready made Rappers and Quote printed t-shirts are easily available. You can also get a personalized _ printed t-shirt. Check out some products we have found for you.



Rap Phone Cover

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Or rather gift a phone case with a picture of a Rapper printed on the back? A phone case is a gift that they will never pass on and never pass on and always carry it in their pocket. It will genuinely strengthen your relationship with them.

You can gift a printed phone case if you are familiar with them, because you need to know their phone’s model.

Phone Covers(IND)

Phone Covers(USA)


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A Bandana is another trendy gift suitable for a Rapper. It’s basically a piece of cloth with patterns or graphics that can be used as a cap, a mask, or just to cover your neck for style. Likewise, Rap is about trends and Money so therefore it makes a fit for them.



Rap Posters

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If you’re going for a basic gift that is available on a tight budget and at the same time makes someone really happy, you can go for a custom Rap Artist printed poster. You can find ready made posters online or you can get a picture printed on a vinyl sticker paper of any size. Above all, it is certainly a great decoration that won’t go unused and will bring a smile to their face.

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Rap Theme Laptop Skins

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If you are familiar with their laptop model, you can gift a Rap theme laptop skin. Instead of just an ordinary back, a sleek and attractive cover with printed Rap Graphics will be highly appreciated by a Rap lover.

Laptop Skins(IND)

Laptop Skins(USA)

Snoop Dogg Backpack

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Snoop Dogg is a popular Rapper and his music is inspiration for many people. A Snoop Dogg Bacpack will be their favourite backpack because it bears the emblem of something the are interested in.

Snoop Dogg Bag

Set of a Chain, Bracelet, Ring and a Watch

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These are some basic necessities in the outfit or dress code of a rap lover and gifting an entire set of these products will certainly win their heart.

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Rapper Stickers

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Stickers can also be useful gifts under a tight budget. If you do not know much details of the preferences of a person and the only thing you know is that they are obsessed with Rap music .You can gift them these stickers which they can use on their phone cover, room door, bag and everywhere they’d wish to.



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A cap is another important part of a typical rapper or a rap lover’s outfit, especially if they do not have a unique hairstyle like most of them, specially ones that are associated with wealth and bear dollar signs or currencies.



Rap theme Hoodies or Sweat Shirts

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A hoodie is a t-shirt with a hood (a piece of cloth to cover your head)  attached. If you live in a colder region or you find t-shirts and coffee mugs a little less pricey, you should give a Hoodie or a sweat shirt. In addition, a hoodie is good for showing off during winters.

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Key Chain

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Firstly, a key chain in itself is a highly appreciated gift but one with the branding of their favourite artist is above all.Key Chains are also great under a fixed budget. So to sum up, a David Guetta lover will definitely love this idea.

Key Chains(IND)

Key Chains(USA)

Rap Themed Water Bottle

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This is another unique great gift idea for a Rap lover and in fact, a smart way to always keep them hydrated because you care about them. They will really be thankful to the moon and back for gifting them a water bottle matching their passion.

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Likewise, Rap lovers are also fond of Sunglasses in their gangsta Dress Code. A few of them even love to collect sunglasses. So a cool pair of Sunglasses will never be looked upon by them. Check out a numerous variety of sunglasses available in a vast price range, colours and styles by clicking on the Button down below.



Figurines of famous Rappers

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The last one on this list is a creative home decor idea for a Rap lover. A figurine of their favourite Rapper will straight away become their dearest present. These little portraits will mean a lot to a Rap lover. they can also use it as a backdrop for recording if they are producers.

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Who is it for?

You can consider gifting them any of the gifts discussed below specially if they:

  • Really love to talk about Rap a lot.
  • They release their own covers or Rap music
  • Have a collection of Rap music Goods.
  • Are members of multiple fan pages of Rap music and the singers and are always aware of their trends.
  • Keep posting about Rap music on their social walls(Instagram stories, Facebook posts).
  • Have made a page or a website about any singer of Rap music.

Although these are some basic strong signs that they will appreciate your gifts, you’re to judge how much they are obsessed with Rap music. Therefore this list is truly made for a Rap music producer or lover.