15 Online Digital gifts for long distance friends via Email

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Digital gifts are good for a loved one or a client who stays far away. It is also a great last-minute gifting option. In this article, we will learn more about digital gifts and the process for gifting each of them and also how each of them is important in their own way.

What is a digital gift?

According to us, a digital gift is anything you can transfer to someone over the internet itself without having to physically go to a shop. A digital gift is mostly associated with use over the internet or via any electronic device. Gift cards, Memberships, e-books and courses are a few examples of digital gifts.

Pros and cons of Digital Gifts


  • In this digital age, it is a modern method of giving a gift to someone. Gifting digital products shows that you are a geeky person and “up-to-date” with technology.
  • It can be a helpful last-minute gifting option, because the process is just a few clicks long. Mostly you just need to select a product and check out.
  • It is the only way to gift someone if they are living far away(which Is probably the reason why you are here).
  • You can transfer a gift from anywhere in the world just by using your phone.
  • Digital Gifts like Gift cards are available in variable prices, which means that you can specify the amount you want to gift within a specified limit.
  • Send a gift from the comfort of your home in case you have got a tight schedule.
  • Digital gifts are also good for clients and customers who are staying far away. It helps establish good relations between the client and you which is a powerful strategy of getting a project.


Digital products alone do not make good gifts if the person whom you want to gift is really close to you. We have discussed a few tips at the end of this article. Another disadvantage of gifting a digital product is that by any case, if you accidentally type in the wrong email address of the recipient of the gift, the product will be sent to the wrong person. There are, however security measures and this error’s frequency is quite less.

15 Best Digital Gift ideas

1- Amazon Gift Card

Is it a good gift Idea?

Gifting an Amazon gift card is one of the best gift ideas, Amazon is an online store selling thousands of products from shoes to household tools and clothes to groceries. This allows them to buy whatever they want of their choice . It can also do great if you do not know what someone would prefer to buy or what they already have. 

How to gift an Amazon gift card?

 There are two types of Amazon Gift cards. You need to select a digital gift card and enter the amount, enter the email id you want to send to and complete the payment.

2- Online Course Membership

Is it a good gift idea?

Gifting an online course can be a really effective and innovative gift idea for someone. Gifting them an online course shows someone that you care for them and their development and well being. You can gift them skill related courses such as Trading, App development or a personal development course on a character trait they lack such as meditation, fast reading, etc.

How to gift an online course?

Udemy is one of the best sites for online courses. Check out the process of gifting a Udemy course on their website.

3-Trading account

Image by Iq Option
Is it a good gift idea?

Gifting someone an online trading account with some balance can literally change their life. Many people are now millionaires after they started trading online. Most people do not try out online trading for the fear of losing money and due to lack of knowledge. Many dreams are dead just in this process. Gift someone an online trading account with some balance and also a course if possible. In case they fail, still they will be left with some new knowledge and experience to avoid making mistakes with their own money.

How to gift a trading account?

In terms of gifting and ease of use, IQ Option is the best platform for starting. You can easily create and gift an account starting from just US $10 (INR 760 approximately at present). IQ option also provides an interface to practice trading with virtual money. Click here for a detailed tutorial on how to gift an online trading account.

4- Play store/App Store gift card

Is it a good gift idea?

A play store or app store  gift card can be used for a lot of purchases within the android and iOS platforms respectively such as Buying premium Games, paid extensions of apps, in-app and in-game purchases. It can also be used to buy movies and books in the respective operating systems. So, to sum up, it is in fact a good gift idea for someone who is far away from you.

In order to buy these gift cards, click on the button below

5- Audiobooks Subscription

Is it a good gift idea?

The name speaks for itself- An Audiobook  is the recorded voice of someone who has narrated an entire book. It is a very helpful gift idea. Subscribers can turn on and start reading a book while doing any other task and this helps in time-management while learning.

Audible is one of the best services for e-books. There are over thousands of audio versions of books on audible in many different categories such as Science, Business, Fantacy and many more.

6-Uber or any taxi service gift card

Is it a good gift idea?

Gifting a taxi service gift card or membership to somebody can be super effective as it can help them save on their daily budget for commuting. In case their company provides them free transportation, it can also be used for recreational purposes and hence, it won’t go in vain.

Uber is one of the biggest taxi services in the world and we recommend you to gift an Uber gift card so that it won’t be a problem in most regions of the world.

7- Steam Gift cards for gamers

Is it a good gift idea?

 For your gamer friends out there, a steam gift card is a blessing. No matter how many games they have, a gamer is always in search of new games and most games are often premium and/or include in-game paid purchases. It is to be noted that a steam is only for PC/Desktop game players and it is recommended to gift someone a steam gift card only if they are hardcore gamers and are engaged in online gaming and communities.

You can purchase a steam gift card from their website itself. Click on the button below.

8- Food Chain Gift cards or order food to their address

Is it a good gift idea?

It will really please somebody if you gift them a food chain gift card. It is highly effective if you can gift someone a card of their favourite food chain or a chain that specializes on their favourite dishes.

Adding to this is a wise saying by Bernard Shaw- “There is no love sincerer than the love for food”.

Another way is by ordering food to their residential address. It is the best way to surprise somebody while you are living far away from them.  In order to do that, you need to research their locality and find food delivery services within their area.


Is it a good gift idea?

Most of us already know what an e-book is. Gifting someone an e-book service subscription can allow them read hundreds of books instead of buying each one of them. That makes it easy on your pard as well as theirs. However, it is, to a point, still advised for someone who does not read a lot as it may drive them to read some since they already have a subscription.

How to gift e-books?

In order to gift someone an e-book, follow the link below which will lead you to the Amazon e-books page. You can select and send any e-book you want to in different categories.

10-Theatre or entertainment Gift Cards

Is it a good Gift Idea?

Entertainment gift cards can make good gifts especially for someone who spends a lot of time at the movies and do not have a control over their budget. Most of the cinemas have their own gift cards or memberships, out of which, PVR cinemas(India) has the easiest system by gifting via gift cards. This includes tickets to movies as well as in-theatre snacks.

The PVR group has their theatres in most of the major cities. You need to check the region where they live. Click on the button below to buy a PVR gift card right now. For US visitors, Regal Cinemas is a good alternative.

11-Video Streaming service Subscription

Is it a good gift idea?

With the increasing popularity of video streaming services, it can help someone renew their package of any video streaming service or even introduce them to this entertainment source. Almost everyone is engaged in watching movies or TV series  on popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and a few more. This, however is not a productive gift and it does not involve much development, although there are many really inspiring TV series.

How to gift a Video Streaming subscription?

You can gift a Video streaming either via gift cards or by creating and then gifting an account. One of the best video streaming services is Hotstar in India and Amazon Prime for almost all other regions.

12-Gocery Store membership or Gift cards

Is it a good gift idea?

A grocery store gift card can be beneficial as a budget cut for them from your side. It can really help someone especially someone who is not yet quite stable financially or moved to a new place. There are online grocery stores as well as grocery store chains that offer online gift cards and memberships.

Check out some gift cards that trusted essentials’ stores have in offer.

13-Travel Gift Cards

Is it a good gift idea?

A travel voucher can be quite helpful for someone if they travel frequently or if they have a voyage that is unable to be fulfilled. It is a blessing for someone who works as a freelancer.

It is recommended to gift a travel company’s voucher that includes multiple bookinng services such as flights, hotels and railways for the same card.

14-Music Streaming Service

Is it a good gift idea?

It may not be a really good gift idea, because people mostly use free services for browsing audio, but people do enjoy premium services with better quality and features. A music streaming service subscription can be a great gift idea for someone who is really passionate for listening to music.

Premium services like Spotify have a lot of features in store. Click on the button below to learn more about Spotify memberships.

15-Recharge for them

Is it a good gift idea?

How about extending their daily plan’s limit? Gift ideas on this list such as Video, Audio streaming services and online courses and gaming services need a lot of internet data. Recharging for a friend or a relative for their birthday may not sound like a gift and more like a basic need. By gifting an upgrade in their package, you are giving them more time on the internet.  Recharging or gifting a bonus plan to someone can also be good considering the fact that you cannot join them for the time being. Check out with their plans and then check out their service provider and select a package. Fortunately, it is simpler than you think.

Try upgrading someone’s package on Amazon, you do not need to check the service provider. Just type in their number and select a package and complete the payment.

End of list

Few More tips to consider to gift someone you love:

If your long distance kin is closer to you by heart, you need to focus on gifting emotions more then gifting any material. Consider the following points to make their day even better just by using your devices:

  • Connect with them via Face time or video chat to make them feel good.
  • Play multiplayer online games with them such as Board games online, Pocket tanks. You can check out a list of some amazing online games by clicking here .
  • Keep the present a good surprise and try not to let them get a hint while you collect essential details from them while gifting them(such as their e-mail).
  • The more gifts among the list you send them, the stronger the relationship becomes.
  • Text them a beautiful message for the occasion.

If you’d like to know more creative ways to celebrate your birthday during the lockdown, click here.


In this article, we’ve covered some different types of gifts you can send online. You need not visit any store in order to buy any of the listed products and the entire process is via the internet.  


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