35 Best Funny Hindi Quotes for T-shirts- Trendy & Cool T-shirts

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Since the following years, there has been a surge in the demand for funny t-shirts in India with  funny Hindi quotes or jokes. While some may be vulgar or offensive, people, especially teens love these kind of t-shirts mostly because they are trendy and to catch up to their mates. This and the fact that these t-shirts spread smiles to everyone’s faces who reads them, everybody wants these. 

Gifting just an ordinary t-shirt can be boring but as of this part, gifting a t-shirt with a funny phrase is gifting something that one desires and that will be appreciated a lot. Whether you are gifting a sleepy person or your partner in crime, or a handsome hunk- these are some of the best funny and trendy T-shirts with Hindi phrases or quotations.

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35 Best Funny Hindi Quote T-shirts

Duniya Chand par chali gayi aur tu meri T-shirt Padh Raha hai!

Funny T-shirt Quote that will make everyone smile and appreciate the person’s sense of humor.

"Chal Bunk Marte Hai!"

Best for your partner in crime and bunk partner.

"Katai Zeher"

For the Hot Hunk in your group.

Bulati hai, Magar Jane ka nai

The trendy dialogue that never gets too old.


For your savage friend who cannot stand nonsense.

Aatm Nirbhar

Based on Prime Minister’s trendy quote “Aatm Nirbhar baniye”.

"Chal Paka mat"

For someone who cannot tolerate any nonsense.

I will cough on you

Because it is relevant to the current pandemic.

Sakth Launda T-shirt

Perfect for the “Sakth launda” of your group.

"Sharif Ladka"

For the opposite of “Sakth Launda”.

Dheeth By Nature

You know who deserves this t-shirt.

Sarcsasm se Lenge

For the most sarcastic person.

Tu Bahar mil!

For the gunda of your group.

Seek Kebab, Not Attention!

For the huge foodie in your group.

"Baat Unki hoti hai Jinme koi baat hoti hai"

This is made just for the talented person in your group.

Aaj kuch Too Funny karte hai!

For someone who is always a fun lover and loves to keep everyone happy.

Kaafi Lazy

The design title suggests it all, this has a tailor-made fit for a lazy person.

Education Ruined Me

For those who hate school and teachers.

Sab Moh Maya Hai

This is another classic dialogue that never gets old.

Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai Apun hi Bhagwan hai!

Every smart and intelligent person deserves this t-shirt in their wardrobe.

Adrak Vali Chai,Mood Ban Jaye

For the casual Tea lover of your group

Hum Nahi Sudhrenge

Gift it to someone who deserves it the most.

Baap hu Tera

Best for the guy who keeps calling all of you “beta”.

Just do it later!

For your lazy friend who always takes life easy.

National Sarcasm Society

Best for a Meme Maker.

Best Friend

Twinning with your best friend with this T-shirt is pretty impresive.

How's the Josh?

Straight out of the movie URI, thisis one of the favourites of Patriots of India.

Meri High tujhe Lagegi

Someone who makes everything go wrong definitely deserves this.

Baap ko Mat sikha

For the people who claim to know everything.

Dekho Magar Pyaar se

Your single friend definitely deserves one of these.

Karm nahi Kaand Karo

For your mischievous friend whom all elders hate.


For the casual friend and if they love biking and chilling without caring about the world.


Your single friend also deserves one of these t-shirts.

Desi Swag

A Bullet lover or a pure desi may be incomplete with a “desi” tag.

Zindagi Rude fir Hum bhi Dude

For someone who is not bothered by challenging life problems.

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