16 Unique and Creative ways to celebrate your Birthday during a Lockdown

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Don’t let coronavirus  spoil your birthday. If your friends cannot come over, enjoy your birthday on your own by following these steps. 

Everybody is scared of the Coronavirus and the governments as well as the people of the entire world are doing their best to prevent the spread because We are all together in this. Currently, there’s chaos around over the world and your birthday falls during this period. Lockdown and Social Distancing has spoiled your Grand plans for your birthday and you’re left all alone to enjoy your day(lucky you if you live with your family).

That doesn’t mean you cannot really enjoy your birthday, it’s going to get over. In the meantime, there are a lot of ways you can still enjoy your birthday a lot. You should be thankful that you are not stuck in the 1900s when during the SARS breakout, there was no internet and Television and Telephones were not really accessible.

As a small gift from our side, we have compiled a list of some things to do if you are caught in a lockdown during your birthday. We also recommend you to check out a list of some digital gift ideas that you can order and gift over the internet itself.


These are some creative and innovative ways to bring a change in your life on your birthday which are not like some regular ways. Some of the ways we have discussed are for learning something new and development of your personality. You’ll understand what I am trying to say when you proceed with this article.

“Variety is the spice of life” and you sure should enjoy this unusual way of celebrating your birthday unlike all other grand celebrations you’ve done so far (or at least you will have a story to tell). We’ve included all possible ways to make this birthday fun and a unique day for you.

15 ways to enjoy your birthday during a lockdown

1- Wake up Early

Believe it or not, waking up early actually helps. It makes you feel positive and relaxed all day long. Waking up early makes you feel more energetic and happy. It’s great if you’ve got a habit of waking up before the sun but if you’re spending your entire quarantine days waking up at lunch, spare this habit just for one day and you’ll see the results. At least it is a great initiative if you are doing something unique and out of your routine on your birthday. This list includes ways that may change your life, and so, you need to be more productive for that. By waking up early on your birthday, you’ve also saved a lot of time upon you for what comes next up on this list.

2- Exercise

The list of the benefits of exercises are innumerable which is not the purpose of this article, but the most important points drill into your mind are- Better mood, Reduced stress and Improved Sleep. Of course Stress and bad mood is not something you would like to have, not only on your birthday but on any other day. Each exercise is also beneficial for the respective body part in it’s own way. We have stated in the previous step that you need to jump out of the bed early and so you might have lost some sleep, which will be recovered by exercising. If you’ve already got exercising in your timetable then it’s great but if you are just like me, you wake up at eleven on Sundays, you should definitely go for it. Maybe you’ll actually love this idea and make this a habit (thank me later). 

3- Enjoy your favourite breakfast

Now here’s finally something you would not curse or swear at me for, because I am also like you who would have not liked the idea of waking up and exercising (although it is necessary). 

“One cannot think well, sleep well and love well if one has not dined well” is a wise saying by Virginia Woolf. What’s the point in doing any other task if you have not satisfied your tongue and that too on the day that comes just once in a year? You need to plan it out on the previous day itself what you’d love to have on your birthday. If your region is not under a complete lockdown and food delivery services are still operating, you should use this opportunity  and order ready made food from your favourite restaurant. However, if you need to make something on your own because your locality is not safe for ordering food or even buying groceries, you should make the best use of whatever you have in store. Remember if you do not have experience in cooking- It’s okay to make mistakes.

4- Gift Yourself

It is possible to buy a gift during a lockdown. In the internet age, there are many gift ideas that can be fulfilled via the internet within a few clicks. If it is possible to go out, you may order something you wanted to, though it is not a safe idea to do so. Stay Safe! There are a number of gifts you can buy via the internet. We have a list of 15 Online Gift ideas. You can also go for a software or an online membership for any service related to  something you love, for example you can take up an advanced guitar lesson if you already know how to play the guitar, or a membership for a magazine’s exclusive content, depending upon your interests.

5- Spend time with your hobbies

Spending time with your hobbies is another way of spending quality time on your birthday. Spending your time with someone or something you love always makes one happy. Do something that you are most passionate about. Do whatever that makes you happy, such as playing the guitar or any musical instrument you have learnt, or if you are a car lover, you can crawl the web for more car related articles and knowledge. In case if you don’t have a hobby, keep reading this article and you MAY find a new hobby for yourself on your special day.   

6- Learn a new skill

Alright, if you are also a boring guy like me, you are about to close this article but it’s just the sixth way. Who cares if you learn something new? If you are not, “Well, I would rather focus on what I know”.

       Developing a new skill or starting something new might not seem a good idea but if you do not have a hobby, you may really find a reason to love yourself. You never know what’s hidden inside you because you might have never pondered about this and rather just sleep all day on holidays. That is why our first recommendation was to wake up early. The world is not short of opportunities. Have you ever heard in school that your hand is good at something? Of course! you might not remember but you may be good at public speaking, decorating, or even the smallest things like your hand is good at cutting paper. You might not like something because of which you did not give it a try, but have you ever even tried or thought of trying drawing, painting, calligraphy and handwriting, Interior or fashion designing, decorating your room, singing, programming or app development, knitting clothes, playing the flute or planting in a bottle? Can you Balance stones on top of each other, fix your laptop on your own or try to learn Spanish? There are so many opportunities out there, it’s just you are restricting yourself from these wonderful opportunities. Pick up ANYTHING which is possible and see how that works out for you.

7- Face Time/Video Call people

Here’s something you would like to do on your birthday. You should virtually connect with people you cannot meet physically especially people you love. We do not need to give a detailed explanation for this, but the people you talk to will. 

Another interesting way for this activity is that you can recall your old friends, neighbors and ancestors who you lost on your way. Try to collect as many of such people’s contact information as you can via Facebook or people who are likely to know them. Even if they did forget to call you, you should contact them. You might actually get surprised by talking to some people and it is a great way to receive more surprises from various different people. You might also end up learning about a mentor or any related person who would help you greatly. trust me, it is a really great feeling of getting unexpected surprises and meeting old friends or colleagues.

8- Explore the world using your phone

Grab your phone or laptop and a VR Headset (if you have one) and go off for an exciting, unimaginable adventure. You can view almost any part of the world with a realistic view, the better the display of your device, the more realistic it becomes.

In order to do just that, go to Google Earth. If you are a mobile phone user, then you will need to install Google Earth from your Appstore or Play Store. Once that’s done, open the application, navigate and click on the “I’m feeling lucky” button. It will open up the 360 degree view of any beautiful place among the thousands they have stored. Not only will it give you a great sense of travelling the world virtually but it may also lead you to make a plan for somewhere after the lockdown.

9- Multiplayer Games online

Have some fun with your friends! Ask them to join you in any multiplayer mobile games. There are so many multiplayer games available on the app store in so many different categories such as shooting, arcade, fighting, etc. Most of these games are cross-platform which means they are available for both android and iOS. Decide a game with your friends and enjoy! In case your friends couldn’t make the time these games can also be played with random players on the internet or even play some games solo with computer generated players.

10- Donate Something

 “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ―H. Jackson Brown Jr.

In the current situation, it is a great opportunity to make someone happy by donating something with many people living out of the safe zone (house). Making someone happy is always a great idea and it always makes you happy. However, it may not seem possible and in fact, it can be risky to get out of your house in order to donate something. So, you can opt for online programs that accept donations. If you are an Indian citizen, you can easily donate money in the “PM Cares Fund” which is a fund specially to help people affected by this crisis. It is the same amount of joy you get by by giving online compared to seeing the happiness physically. Donating is one of the best things you can do on your birthday. Even small amounts can be really helpful, after all, “No one has ever become poor by giving”.

If you think that it is safe to go out and help the poor, it is really great but always keep social distancing and all other ways to stay safe in your mind.

11- Learn Online Trading

This point is somewhat contrary to the previous one and the reason why we separated it from “Learn a new skill” is that we really need you to understand it’s significance and importance separately.

Do not be afraid of starting online trade at this moment, it is still a great time to start off. The stock market has not come to an end. There are various forms of online trading and the explanation is not the motive of this article. Trading stocks, currencies, options, etc has resulted in many people becoming millionaires. Everyday we get to hear so many success stories associated with online trading. It’s all about experience, knowledge and skills. All the people you see online driving around in a Lamborghini and telling you they will change your life in exchange for their $10-$300 courses? All they teach you is how to trade online or affiliate marketing (which is a different thing altogether). Take your birthday as an opportunity to get started.

In order to get started, you need basic knowledge of trading and then you can proceed further by starting to trade WITHOUT USING REAL MONEY for FREE on the Iq Options platform. It is a great way to get started and gain some experience, for they have a platform where you can learn to trade in real life situations in a demo account with Virtual money. Start trading without using real money in minutes.

12- Bake a cake

Of course need a cake. It’s your birthday. that’s not a problem if you cannot place an order for one. Even if you can, you should not. Make it on your own.  It is not necessary to actually Bake your cake but there are several ways to make a cake. Some recipes do not even involve the usage of a gas stove, just using your freezer. believe it or not, I actually tried this on my birthday- I always burn my omelette and I pour more or very less salt in whatever I make. But I found a recipe that includes just mixing all the ingredients and storing them in the refrigerator for some time and it’s Done! I enjoyed it more than any cake I have ever tasted. When I can make it, you can too! That’s the reason I recommend you to make a cake on your own and if you fail, you will remember this birthday better.

Here’s the recipe which I used for mine. Click here. You can also check out more simple cake recipes on Youtube.

13- Relax

Finally something you may love to do! Apart from all other activities we have listed in this list, resting is equally important important. You do not need to spend 24 hours of your birthday at home bringing a change all of a sudden. Lie flat on your bed for some time and turn on your favourite playlist, that’s the best combo. There’s not much of an explanation needed for this.

14- Watch Movies

On your birthday, watching movies at home is a great idea, especially when you cannot go anywhere. There is  a lot you can add on to this rather than just watching a movie. For instance, you can merge some of the other steps we have listed such as preparing snacks on your own. Watching movies becomes even more fun if you are living with your family. Watch movies of your choice and we do suggest you to watch an inspiring movie.

15- Read

Reading is another creative activity you can schedule on your birthday. Enrich your knowledge while lying on your bed and relaxing. In case you are not a fan of reading, we suggest you to just start off with any book or an e-book and read for just 5 minutes, and if you do have a great book, you will surely read for longer and complete the book. In this case, we suggest you to read a book that matches with your situations and emotions. You will lose yourself.

“Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.” – Fernando Pessoa

16- Repair or create something

Is there a leaky pipe in your house? Is your phone having any issues? Check out things around your house and see what needs improvement or anything that is broken and fix it. It will help you learn something you might not know and after failing for a few times, you will surely be glad of yourself once you fixed  or built something of your own.

End of list


This article should certainly be a lot of help for you especially if you live all alone. It’s your choice if you would like to follow these tips or not. Here’s a summary of all the ways you can make your birthday special during a lockdown:

  1. Wake up Early
  2. Exercise
  3. Enjoy your favourite breakfast
  4. Gift Yourself
  5. Spend time on your hobbies
  6. Learn a new skill
  7. Face Time/Video Call someone you love
  8. World tour from your phone
  9. Multiplayer Games online
  10. Donate something
  11. Learn Trading
  12. Bake a cake
  13. Relax
  14. Watch Movies
  15. Read
  16. Repair or create something

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