14 Gift Ideas and 50+ Gifts and Goods for a Meme lover

14 Gift Ideas and 50+ gifts! Meme t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, meme masks, clocks and more along with products for India and worldwide shipping.

Memes are the source of someone’s smile, laughter, they  just make your life fresh. Our day starts off by spending some time on these pieces of images that can bring a laughter when you are feeling down, there’s an endless list of ways they make our life better.

There are still some people who do not really find these appealing or impressive. On the other hand are over obsessed with memes and can’t stop forwarding, re-posting or even making memes basically to make everyone smile and laugh along.

This is probably the reason why you are here, because you are in contact with a person of this kind and you do not have much of an idea about the meme characters and relevant gift ideas for an occasion to make them feel special. We’ve also discussed their personality, whether they will actually appreciate the gift idea or not.

14 Gift Ideas for Meme lovers

1- Meme Clock

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This is my personal favourite and it is one of the best gift ideas for a meme lover because it is unique and super cool. Of course a meme lover would definitely love to decorate their homes with a beautiful meme themed clock.

Clocks like these are hard to find and can be rarely available. However, you can easily get one personalized with a custom relevant meme picture or check out our collections.

2- Meme Coffee mug

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A coffee mug with a meme printed on it is another brilliant gift idea for someone who is obsessed with memes. A daily sip of coffee on their favourite meme themed mug will be  highly appreciated by them.

Check out some cool coffee mugs down below. You can also gift a personalized coffee mug with  a custom picture printed.

3- Meme Phone case

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How about getting a meme printed on the back of their phone with a branding of any popular meme?  A meme phone case is a gift that they will never pass on and never pass on and always carry it in their pocket. It will genuinely strengthen your relationship with them.

In order to gift a meme phone case, you need to find a phone case of their model and then you can get it personalized with a custom meme background or you can search for cases/covers on Amazon with thee respective phone model name.

4- Funny T-shirts

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A meme printed t-shirt is another cool idea for someone obsessed with memes. Meme lovers and makers always spread smiles and a t-shirt with a funny meme which is relevant would do a great job. It also can also help them make friends fast.

 You can gift a personalized t-shirt with a custom meme of your choice or you can check out our collection of cool t-shirts for millenials that works out fine for someone who loves memes.

5- Meme pillow covers

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A meme printed pillow cover is another gift idea someone obsessed with memes would love to have in their bedroom and use it daily.

You can gift a personalized meme printed pillow or you can browse our readymade collection from Amazon.

6- Meme Masks

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A deadly pandemic won’t help someone realize the importance of wearing a mask if they hate it but if it is associated with something they love, they’ll definitely use it.

A meme printed mask makes it even more fun for a meme lover than a regular plain mask. Check out some meme printed masks down below.

7- Meme Posters

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If you’re going for a basic gift that is available on a tight budget and at the same time makes someone really happy, you can go for a custom meme printed poster. You can find readymade posters online or you can get a picture printed on a vinyl sticker paper with a size of your choice. It is certainly a great  decoration that won’t go unused and will bring a smile to their face.

8- Thug life goggles

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Thug life is a meme that represents someone behaving reckless and doing something insulting. The person is represented with a unique pair of glasses, a “thug life” cap and a cigarette. It is a classic meme that has been continuing since and has never died since. A pair of thug life glasses can be a cool collectible for a meme lover which they will definitely love to have.

Check out thug life glasses down below.

9- Meme Stickers

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Meme stickers can also be cool gifts under a tight budget. If you do not know much details of the preferences of a person and the only thing you know is that they are obsessed with memes, you can gift them meme stickers which they can use on their phone cover, room door, bag and everywhere they’d wish to.

10- Meme Bags

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If you’re gifting in a group or you have a comparatively higher budget to make them happy, you can gift them troll face backpacks which will instantly become their favourite.

There is a variety of troll faces and you can find a collection of troll face bags on Amazon for a reasonable price.

11- Laptop skins with Memes

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If you are familiar with their laptop model, you can gift a meme printed laptop back cover/ sticker. Instead of just an ordinary back, a sleek and attractive cover with memes printed will be highly appreciated by a meme lover.

12- Meme Pencil pouch

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Instead of an ordinary one, a customized meme accessory pouch is a good gift for a university or a school student which they will never forget at home.

Check out pencil pouches for Meme lovers.

13- Kermit the Frog Plush

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Kermit the frog is a classic meme character that depicts relatable sad and frustrated moods. Kermit the frog is still a popular character and a stuffed toy of Kermit is another collectible a meme lover would love to have.

14- Meme character keychain

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Gifting someone a keychain associated with something they love is also a great option at a low price. Keychains also make good return gifts. It is recommended to gift a keychain along with something else, for instance along with a meme t-shirt or a poster.

You can find a variety of keychains online for a good price.

Who is it for?

You can consider gifting them any of the gifts discussed below if they specially have any of these signs given below:

  • They are Meme creators- In this case gifting something that bears their slogan can be recommended.
  • Someone who keeps posting funny content on their Instagram/Facebook stories.
  • These can also be recommended if they have a good sense of humor.
  • They keep forwarding memes in groups or personal chat.

These are some basic strong signs that your gifts will be highly appreciated. You’re to judge how much they are obsessed with memes.