31 Gift Ideas and 300+ Gifts for a TikTok Lover or Producer

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300+ Accessories and TikTok themed Merchandise that make the best Gifts for a Tik Tok lover or producer-T-shirts, Caps, Lights and more for India and Worldwide Delivery.

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based internet technology company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. ByteDance first launched Douyin for the China market in September 2016. Wikipedia

Probably, the reason you’re here is because you’re looking for an amzong gift for your friend who is a lover of TikTok videos and even may be having a fan base or highly popular on TikTok and they post genuine content regularly. Gifting someone something that is associated with their hobbies or passions is above all, the best type of gift. That is why this list contains some of the best gifts that will always remain dear to  TikTok lover.

31 Gift Ideas for TikTokers(TikTok content creators)

Ring Lights

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This is an important necessity for a TikTok producer. Ring lights are accessories that are attached to the mobile phone and they are capable of enhancing the video or picture quality significantly because they are specially designed to do just that job.

TikTok Logo Masks

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Considering the current crisis, it is highly relevant to give a TikTok lover a TikTok branded mask so even if they do not like wearing a mask, they will love this one for sure.

Tripod Stands

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Tripod Stand for phones is a handy tool for someone who actively posts content on Tik Tok. It can hold their phone in a fixed spot pointing in the direction while making videos and they will not have to rely on someone else or makeshift arrangements for recording videos.

Tik Tok Logo Pillows

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A Tik Tok logo printed pillow cover is another gift idea someone obsessed with Tik Tok would love to have in their bedroom and use it daily. This for sure will not only make their day but also make a good night for them.

TikTok T-shirts

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Tik Tok logo printed t-shirts make good props for their videos. It also helps people recognize them as TikTok stars and they also promote loyalty towards their favourite platform.

Tik Tok Bags

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They will definitely love to carry a bag with their favourite platform’s logo printed along with their regular stuff. This is something that will always remain dear to them. They’ll definitely love to carry it to the Gym or the pool and everywhere they go.


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Chains are widely used and very popular in the apparel of a TikTok maker. They may generally have one or more chains in their wardrobe but they will certainly appreciate the addition of another one to their collection.

Tik Tok logo Phone Cover

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Or rather gift a phone case with a branding of TikTok on the back? A phone case is a gift that they will never pass on and never pass on and always carry it in their pocket. It will genuinely strengthen your relationship with them.


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For a professional or a dedicated TikTok creator, sometimes they need to record their own voice instead of doing voiceovers. This is also equally important if they have a large fan base and do live streaming occasionally. This can help improve the voice quality. Microphones are available in varieties depending upon the usage for instance, once that get attached to the collar, wireless microphones and ordinary wired USB microphones.

Strip LED Lights

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Strip lights make amazing decorations and backdrops for shooting videos in their room. Ambient lights make the experience for their audience as well so that is another plus point for this one. 

Unique Sunglasses

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They would definitely be having a pair of sunglasses but another would always be appreciated. For a TikTok creator, an ordinary pair of glasses would not be suited. In face, stylish sunglasses with different unique shapes of frames are better that common rounded or rectangular sunglasses.

Gift Ideas by Hobbies & Interests

Tik Tok Stickers

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TikTok logo stickers can also be useful gifts under a tight budget. You can gift them TikTok stickers which they can use on their phone cover, room door, bag and everywhere they’d wish to.

Custom Logo Light

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Having their logo behind them while they film themselves for their videos not only looks aesthetic and cool but it can also help them avoid plagiarism. Most content creators use Neon Lights for their backdrop.

Gaming Chair

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Although gifting a Gaming chair might not sound so relevant or useful for a TikToker, but chairs also play as an important part for video aesthetics. A comfy chair can also help them when it takes time to edit the videos.

Tiktok Logo Baseball Caps

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A TikTok branded cap is another great collectible for a TikTok lover as a prop, for recognition as well as an add on to their stylish apparel.


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A Bandana can be considered as a prop for their videos and can also be used daily. Bandanas can be used as caps, a mask and a dozen of purposes. For this, not just a bandana with a TikTok branding but any colorful bandana can do well, the job of adding more colors and creativity to their videos.

TikTok Logo Branded Water Bottle

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This is another unique great gift idea for a TikTok star and in fact, a smart way to always keep them hydrated because you care about them. They will really be thankful to the moon and back for gifting them a water bottle matching their passion.

Illuminated Name Lights

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You can gift a personalized light setup like this one with their TikTok username or theirphotograp that will be a very unique and attractive background for their home-made videos. This makes videos look premium and the creator look experienced.

TikTok logo Hoodies

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If you live in a colder region or you find t-shirts and coffee mugs a little less pricey, you should give a TikTok logo hoodie or a sweat shirt. In addition, a TikTok logo printed hood shirt is good for showing off during winters.

Key Chains

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Firstly, a key chain in itself is a highly appreciated gift but one with the branding of their favourite artist is above all.Key Chains are also great under a fixed budget. So to sum up, a TikTok lover will definitely love this idea.

Tiktok Themed Airpods Case

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Theyr’e gonna love to carry their AirPods in a TikTok themed Airpods case. It keeps their AirPods distinguished and they won’t want to lose them.


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Vanity Mirrors are used by so many creators to record themselves or taking selfies. A unique or illuminated mirror in particular, will help them so much to create better quality content and help them skyrocket their growth.

TikTok Logo Blankets

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For the die-hard lover of TikTok who cannot be satisfied with their TikTok merchandise collection, a blanket with a TikTok wallpaper can be well suited, for they will have a good sleep in this comfy blanket.

TikTok Coffee Mug

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For someone obsessed with TikTok, a TikTok logo wallpaper coffee mug is another brilliant gift idea. They will definitely love to enjoy a sip of coffee every morning in their favourite coffee mug.

Custom Logo Pinback Buttons

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A custom pinback button with their official logo or emblem is a great accessory to help other people recognize them. They will always wear it on with pride wherever they go as it is their own logo.

TikTok logo Clock

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It is for the TikTok obsessed teens who are so busy in producing, sharing and surfing content on TikTok that they lose track of the time. A TikTok themed clock is a subtle decoration that is super cool for a TikTok lover.

TikTok Track Pants

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This will be their beloved pair of trousers in their wardrobe. Above all, this one for them will be the most dear to them as it contains the branding of TikTok. They will love to wear it all day and night.


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Using a drone to capture videos, takes their content to the next level, especially if your budget for gifting is high. Although mostly TikTok videos are about filming oneself, using a drone could produce even better videos and effects.


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Gimal is a revolutionary gadget that helps significantly helps one to keep a phone or a camera stable even in the worst of conditions. This can help them make better quality content that includes recording in rough conditions.

TikTok Beanie

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Add on to their winter collection with a TikTok logo beanie that they would love to wear with pride as people recognize them from TikTok.

Moment Lens

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As most of the Tiktok videos are shot on a phone, moment lenses can be effective to boost the quality of recording on a phone.

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