21 Unique Gift Ideas for Motorbike and Scooter Riding Lovers

While most of us are used to staying home and enjoying Movies and Netflix, Riding lovers are different types of a creature. They love to spend time alone, discover places travel the world on their two wheeler that means the whole world to them. Every sunset is a new sight in the lives of these people. They usually love to stay all by themselves or in groups of sharing a similar passion. These are mostly the most helpful people on earth and are always found bringing smiles to people’s face and helping those in need while on their long endless journey.

Probably the reason why you’re here in this article is because you’ve got a motorbike lover and you’d be willing to do all you can to make their birthday or some other occasion special for them and you are willing to gift them something that they will always remember you for. This is the perfect place for just that, for in this article we have compiled a list of 21 amazing gift ideas for just the right person.

Who is this for?

The strongest signs that the recipient of the gift will greatly appreciate any of these are:

  • They never miss a chance to go out for a ride.
  • Motorbikes are their life and their social media walls ans well as their room may be filled with pictures and posters of motorbikes.
  • They would urge you to come along with them on trips.
  • They have been to a lot of destinations on their motorbike.
  • They love trying out different types of two wheelers.
  • They are always aware of new trends, launches and specifications in this industry.

21 Unique Gift Ideas for Motorbike Riding Lovers

Bike Handle Phone Holder

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This is the number one and the best selection on our list. It can also be effective even if they already have one as another one of these may be handy. The Phone holder can be really handy in navigation or recording hands-free. Ones equipped with a charger are even more versatile. 

Check out the best phone holder with Worldwide Shipping for a reasonable price. It is durable and capable of supporting almost all of the latest smartphones.

Phone Holder(IND)

Phone Holder(USA)

Action Camera

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Action Camera for capturing sharing and storing the memories they have made. Action cameras stand out from ordinary ones as they have been built to withstand extreme and rough conditions like those while riding.

While professional action cameras like GoPro can be really expensive, some budget cameras like Akaso and Campark for Indian stores are very popular and high rated fora tight budget. 


CamPark Action camera(IND)

Akaso Action Camera(USA)

Handle LED Lighting

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Handle LEDs are quite grossing and they give a classy look to any bike. A unique ambient light illuminating the sides of their bike is something a bike lover would always love to see and it is also appealing and attractive to people on the way.

Check out the most compatible Lights in this category.

Handle Bar DRL(IND)

Handle Bar DRL(USA)

Helmet Action camera Mount

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Another useful and handy gift that they you can give in case of a tight budget. A helmet mount for camera can be given if they already have an action camera. This tool will help them to get a clearer picture of their journey.

We have found some of these products which are compatible with a variety of cameras.

Helmet Camera Mount(IND)

Helmet Camera Mount(USA)

Motorbike Keychains

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A bike themed Key chain will be the best gift if you do not need to send an expensive gift. A bike lover loves to see bikes in everything and they’ll never pass on a unique keychain and it will never go unused. It is even better to gift a Key chain of the brand of their bike.

Bike Keychains(IND)

Bike Keychains(USA)

Riding Mask

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While masks may not seem out of the ordinary now during the Coronavirus crisis, gifting a specialized anti-pollution mask can be really helpful for someone when you care about them, specially someone who doesn’t bother buying one and one who already has certain allergies- A comfy mask can be helptul. 

Riding Mask(IND)

Riding Mask(USA)

Riding Gear

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The main riding gear set consists of a Jacket and Trousers. You can gift any of these or all of them together depending on your budget. If the recipient of the gift already have any of them, they’ll always openly accept another pair.

We’d leave you free to choose from a variety of different products and so, we did not feature specific products. You can check out a lot of Jackets and trousers and even sets on Amazon by clicking on the link below. 

Riding Gear(IND)

Riding Gear(USA)

Decals for Bike

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While most of the bikers are signified by their kindness, biker gangs are also known for travelling in large swarms and doing savage things. A biker would love to draw attention to their bike and some additional stickers can be preferred by many. Stickers with rude or funny quotes can bring smiles to a lot of people on the way while famous stickers of famous companies of motorsports make it look more like a sports bike. 

Decals are also one of the most affordable gifts on our list. We have compiled a list of really amazing Bike Decals you can check it out by clicking on the button below.

Bike Decals(IND)

Bike Decals(USA)

Motorcycle Bottle Holder

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Just in case they’d forget their backpack or for some reason they can’t keep their bottle with them, this tool comes handy. A portable bottle holder can be really useful for holding some drinks while their journey. This can help them stay hydrated while on their way.

Botle Holder(IND)

Bottle Holder(USA)

First Aid Kit

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Let not misfortunes strike but if they do, the effect can be diminished. A first aid kit is a necessity for almost every one. First aid is a must in case of any accident no matter how minor it is and a small sized kit with the basic amenities can easily be carried in any small storage compartment of their bike, so there is no reason to avoid keeping one.  

Check out some light First aid kits with almost all the basic equipments.

First Aid Kit(IND)

First Aid kit(USA)

Power Bank

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No matter how energetic their spirits can be but their phone cannot match that amount of energy. Even though latest phones’ batteries are highly optimized to withstand long hours and even days of use, they can get drained. In this case, they can keep their phone powering up while on their journey and no more worrying about the phone any more. 

Check out the most popular USB Power banks down below.

Power Banks(IND)

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Anti-Theft systems

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For someone who loves to ride, their two wheeler means the whole world to them. Although it is quite rare that their vehicle may get stolen or damaged, it is always ready to be insured. These anti-theft systems turn on an alarm when somebody tries to move their vehicle and that can make it easy to spot someone trying to harm their vehicle.

Note: The products listed below are solely meant for bicycles, but they can also be used in the case of a motorbike. 

Anti-theft System(IND)

Motorcycle anti-theft device(USA)

Motorcycle Cleaning Accessories

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A motorcycle lover loves to keep their two wheeler polished, neat and clean sparkling all the time. There is a variety of different types of cleaning kits associated with different parts of the bike. For instance, you can also gift individual accessories such as a polish, a brush or a cloth or a complete kit depending on your budget. 

We’ll leave that to you, you can select any type of kit you’d prefer to. So click on the link below to view all of the cleaning accessories.

Cleaning Accessories(IND)

Cleaning Accessories(USA)

Smart Helmet

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A smart helmet is a really cool as well as useful accessory that is really great if your budget is high. Smart helmets(ones we have listed below) have a set of features which are integrated into the device such as- Hands-free call answering, playing and skipping music and even navigation, all for a really reasonable price.

An electronic device is always best to buy from a reputable brand, so we listed only some popular ones. 

Smart Helmet(INR 2,200)

Smart helmet($149, USA)

Bike Scale Models

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Most motorbike enthusiasts are so attached to these vehicles that thy would love anything that is associated with motorbikes. A Scale model will be highly appreciated as a beautiful decoration for their room regardless of their age. This is also great for a young fanboy or a fangirl who isn’t capable of riding by themselves.

Bike Stickers(IND)

Bike Stickers

Bike Battery Charger

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A bike’s battery may sometimes get discharged when left idle because of certain conditions like the age of the battery, use or sometimes due to change in weather. It can be recharged by doing a kick start immediately but in case if even that is not possible, or for convenience, a Battery charger is a life-saving equipment. It takes power from a plug point and charges the battery via clamps connected to the battery.

Check out the top rated battery chargers for bike and car.

Bike Battery Charger(IND)

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Riding Goggles/Glasses

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Apart from an ordinary pair of glasses, the specialized ones meant for riding are more durable and can withstand tougher conditions. They also protect the eyes from the strong rays of the sun or the rain. This is also a very affordable product.

Check out some products meant to do just that.

Riding Goggles(IND)


Motorbike Casual-shirts

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While not on the run, a motorcycle lover would always love to wear a casual too with a motorcycle branding. This will also help them gain more friends who are also fans of biking.



Bike Posters

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Another room decor idea on our list, a bike poster is another gift that may not go unused, specially if you are gifting one of famous Motorsport events such as Moto Guzzi or any other popular rally.

Bike Posters(IND)

Bike Posters(USA)


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In case if you’ve got no clue of this, a bandana is a piece of cloth with two ends that can be worn for multiple purposes such as as a cap, around the neck, as a mask and many more. Bandanas are very popular among bikers as they are always used to signify the biker gangs. These are really appealing as they are available in multiple colors and Graphics.

The variety of bandanas is extensive, so we did not make a collection. You can check out these by clicking on the button below. 



Engine Oil

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We’d conclude the list with a slightly less relevant gift
idea. Although an engine oil refill is done by the bike owner or the service
station itself, gifting a high quality engine oil can help them save a bit on
the next regular refill.

Engine Oil(IND)

Engine oil(USA)