Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for a Need For Speed(Game and Movie) fan

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Need for Speed by Electronic Arts is one of the most beloved games among car enthusiasts and is one of the best car racing game series. Starting from the 90’s, with the advancement of computers and Graphics as well as the popularity, Need for Speed has been releasing several car racing games, some with exciting stories that are connected with many emotions of the fans.

The reason you’re here is probably because you have less idea about the game and you’re willing to make your friend happy by gifting them something which will always remain dear to them. Keep scrolling for we have made a list of the 10 best gift ideas for a Need For Speed Fan.

10 Best Gift Ideas for a Need for Speed Fan

3D Need For Speed Wall Clock

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For the Need For Speed fan who will be so engrossed in the game that they will even forget to look at the time, at least a 3D wall clock with their favourite Need for Speed Logo will be the dearest present ever.

"I feel the Need for Speed" Coffee Mug

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To keep up to their spirits,  a sip of morning coffee in their favourite coffee mug will for sure be enjoyed by them. As the quote suggests, it is made just for a lover of the game who are always in look for shortcuts and speed. 

Formula One Decals

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Since Need for Speed features modification of cars with different paints and stickers, this makes a lot of sense for a Need for Speed lover because they would love to stick some of these stickers on almost every small object they have around them.

Need For Speed Wall Poster

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This is another great add on to their collection for the love of the Game. It is really appealing for a fan of the game that non-fans would never get it. 

BMW M Series Cap

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A BMW M3 GTR is the most iconic car of the game that has made it’s debut as a protagonist car in many of the Need for Speed games. This car is always wanted and loved by all of the Need for Speed fans. Therefore, a cap with  BMW M series logo is certainly something that they will always love to wear.

Need For Speed 2015 Wallpaper Coffee Mug

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Need for Speed 2015 is another one of the best Need for Speed Games and this will eventually be connected with many emotions for the ones who have played the game.

Need for Speed Ford Mustang die-cast Model

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This car was featured in the Need for Speed Movie as well as some of the games as a powerful and a very important car. Even though this model is not exactly the same as the one that was featured, it still resembles the same car and will definitely make a good decoration for a Need for Speed day dreamer.

Need For Speed Rivals wallpaper clock

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This is yet another gift idea for someone who is obsessed with the game and always forget the time because they are so deeply in love with the games. This in particular is a plain clock but still it will be highly appreciated by a need for speed lover.

Hot Wheels' Need For Speed Edition

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Irrespective of their age, a Ned for speed fanboy/fangirl’s interest never grows old. Even though it may be just a toy, for a Need for Speed lover, this is much more than just a toy. Hot Wheels also has some rare collectible Need for Speed Cars. Check out by clicking on the button below.

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