15 Gift Ideas for a Lover of Lamborghini and Ferrari(Italian Supercars)

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The best Gift Ideas and 25+ Gifts for car guys- Italian car lovers in particular- T-shirts, Pens, Perfumes, Keychains and more for India and Worldwide Shipping. 

Itanian Sportscars and Supercars can be considered as the first love of many auto enthusiasts. These beautifully crafted Machines with the sound of their raging engines can be considered as the most appealing and also most dreamt of, for the love of cars of almost every enthusiasts starts with them. Even though only the elite can afford to actually buy them, everyone can fall in love on watching Lamborghinis and Ferraris roaring down the streets.

The best way to make a Fanboy/Fan Girl of Ferrari and/or Lamborghini happy on their birthday is to give them a special gift associated with these cars. Gifting someone something that is associated with their dreams is a very powerful gift. This list contains some of the BEST Gift Ideas for Italian car lovers that do the same job- to give them inner happiness by gifting something that will always remain dear to them.

Most of the products listed below are available on Amazon for Worldwide Shipping via Amazon.com or Shipping to India only via Amazon.in. In order to view more products of a particular idea, click on the Appropriate buttons that will lead you to view a wide range of products for the respective brands(Red and White butons for Ferrari Themed Goods and Yellow and White for Lamborghini).

12 Gift Ideas for Lamborghini and Ferrari Lovers

Coffee Mugs

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A Ferrari/Lamborghini Themed Coffee Mug will be a great gift idea for they will love to take a sip of morning coffee in a Supercar themed Coffee Mug instead of just an ordinary one.

Phone Covers

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A Phone cover with the branding of their favourite supercar company ever is something that they will always keep with them and so this makes the bond between you and them even stronger.

Lamborghini and Ferrari Perfumes and EDTs

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Tonino Lamborghini perfumes are most preferred by die hard Lamborghini lovers and on the other hand is the same for Scuderia Ferrari perfumes for Ferrari fanboys. These official perfumes can be the best gifts for an adult who loves these cars, even though they can be suited for teens as well.

Ferrari and Lamborghini Watches

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This is the Best gift idea for a teen or an adult who loves these Italian cars. Tonino Lamborghini and Scuderia Ferrari watches are most loved watches of any car lover and if they love watches too, or perhaps they lack one, you can gift these watches.

Lamborghini and Ferrari Masks and Bandanas

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Not only is it necessary to protect yourself using a mask or bandana just during the pandemic but also post-pandemic, it is always a good option to stay safe. That is why, even if they are not fond of wearing a mask, a lover of Italian cars will make sure to always wear these special masks with the branding of Lamborghini or Ferrari.

Lamborghini and Ferrari Wall Clocks

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A Wall clock is a very subtle gift and a Ferrari or Lamborghini themed wall clock can be the best decoration for the room of a fanboy/fan girl. They will never agail lose track of the time while watching Ferrari videos.

Lamborghini and Ferrari logo Caps

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A cap with a Ferrari or a Lamborghini logo is the best for an outing lover. Caps are usually ignored as an option for gifting so this also makes it a unique gifting idea.


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Even though most of us cannot really afford these exotics for using them on relevant cars, we can still afford these key chains very easily and this makes you keep your keys more safe because your keychain is dearer to you.

Ferrari/Lamborghini Wallets

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The perfect gift for an adult who is on there way to own an Italian exotic car some day. This will impact the way they spend and this will always remind them of their dream before spending on anything.

Ferrari Pens

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A Ferrari logo engraved is certainly a pen that will remain their favourite for a lifetime and they will always thank you for this. These are very well suited for teens and kids but only if they are responsible enough. You can also opt for a collection of a Journal and a Pen.

Ferrari and Lamborghini Pillows

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Gift them a Ferrari or a Lamborghini pillow, which will for sure make them fall asleep instantly and dream of their world of cars.

Ferrari Backpacks

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This will for sure make them appear to be the coolest guy/girl in their group and they will love to carry it to the gym, pool or wherever they go.

Ferrari and Lamborghini T-shirts

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How about adding a really unique t-shirt to their wardrobe? This is really helpful for fans when they visit a car show or just to let everyone know how much they are obsessed with cars.


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If you’re going for a basic gift that is available on a tight budget and at the same time makes someone really happy, you can go for a custom Lamborghini/Ferrari printed poster. You can find ready made posters online or you can get a picture printed on a vinyl sticker paper of any size. It is certainly a great  decoration that won’t go unused and will bring a smile to their face.

Lamborghini/Ferrari Scale Models

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This might be awkward for teens but children and even adults, every Lamborghini or Ferrari fan would really love to decorate their room with an adorable scale model of their favourite car.

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